SMC Pressing – (Shee Moulding Compound) It is a molding technology that produces a composite material based on a thermosetting resin (for example polyesters) with reinforcing fibers (glass, carbon, etc.). SMC thermosetting molding compositions are available in different varieties, their properties can be modified by using appropriate types and combinations of resins and reinforcing fibers, and thus regulate the strength properties of the product.

The semi-finished product is most often produced in the form of sheets. Forms of the required size can be cut from these sheets, which are then formed into the desired shape in steel or aluminum molds at elevated temperature and pressed under pressure using hydraulic presses. Several polymerization and cross-linking reactions take place during the process.

SMC TECHNOLOGY offers versatile design possibilities, high surface quality and fast production cycles. Process automation is possible for large series.

The material has a high modulus of elasticity and is widely used, among others, in the automotive industry, construction, mechanical engineering and electrical installations.


  • SMC has a wide range of applications,

  • Glass fiber content 25-50%,

  • SMC enables the molding of parts with fastening elements, reinforcement ribs, inserts directly in the molding process,

  • The production cycle lasts from 2 to about 5 minutes. The technology allows to produce series up to 100 thousand. parts per year,

  • Parts made in the SMC technology are characterized by high stiffness, dimensional stability and low thermal expansion.

  • The high surface quality offers various varnishing options.