Hand lay up lamination


Hand lay up lamination

Hand lay up lamination - The most popular and simplest method of producing composites from polyester-glass laminate is manual lamination. It is a method of overlapping successive layers of reinforcement and seeping them with resin by rollers and paintbrushes. 

Depending on the materials used, appropriate physical and chemical properties and thickness of the element are obtained. Suitable materials for maintaining appropriate physico-mechanical properties using this method are; glass mats, technical fabrics, veils, coremats.

The manual method is applicable in unit and short-run production.


  • Freedom in designing products in terms of size, weight, complexity, structure,
  • Relatively short preparation time of tools (model + mold),
  • rapid prototyping by making prototype tools, with the possibility of producing full-value elements at the same time,
  • low production start-up cost,
  • mainly used in unit and short-series production,
  • the possibility of changes in the detail at the production stage.