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We are a company with many years of experience in the plastics industry, especially in the production of composite products.

Going with the progress and expanding the scope of our activity, we have implemented new technologies, namely: injection of parts made of DCPD material and high-pressure pressing technology SMC.

Currently, we offer a wide range of services from concept development through design, model, production tools and serial production. 





For customers in the bus sector, we provide design and implementation services for both external and internal elements, such as: roof panels and covers, rear walls, covers, bumpers, bonnets, wheel arches and many other parts.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we also produce elements of materials that meet specialized requirements for flammability or anti-corrosion properties.

Our composites are also equipped with metal adaptations in accordance with the customer's documentation.



Our offer also includes the production of tram parts, where we produce external body parts and internal parts in a form agreed with the end customer.

Our products meet the stringent standards for the rail transport sector.

Our clients entrust us with the production of technologically difficult products - closed molds, elements with undercuts, requiring the introduction of replaceable mold inserts. We manufacture, for example: covers, consoles, bulkhead walls, roof elements, elements of the driver's cabin and others. 



For the railway industry, we offer the production of both internal and external parts that meet the requirements of restrictive railway standards.

Similarly to rail transport, we make complex technological elements with a very large overall size, for example: window panel modules, train front shell.


utility vehicles

We also manufacture parts and components for utility vehicles. The range of our tools adapted to small assembly parts as well as large panel-size parts.

Depending on the client, we select and adjust the product to the selected working environment.

The global trend for utility vehicles is the use of DCPD technology, which we have in our portfolio. It focuses on making the entire bodywork in one element, e.g. engine cover. 


Hand lay up lamination

The most popular and simplest method of producing composites from polyester-glass laminate is manual lamination. It is a method of overlapping successive layers of reinforcement and seeping them with resin by rollers and paintbrushes.


RTM injection

Resin Transfer Molding - This technology involves the production of laminates in closed molds. Into the sealed and suitably reinforced mold, previously filled with reinforcing fiber and / or spacer material, a resin is injected under pressure, which takes the shape of the desired product.

SMC Pressing

Shee Moulding Compound It is a molding technology that produces a composite material based on a thermosetting resin (for example polyesters) with reinforcing fibers (glass, carbon, etc.).


pDCPD-RIM injection

Reaction Injection Moulding It is a production process involving the injection of pDCPD resin into closed, usually aluminum molds. This technology makes it possible to obtain parts with varied, complex shapes.



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Painting – We offer our clients the possibility of full varnishing treatment, from initial preparation to full varnishing of details. We have 4 separate painting chambers and 2 teams of painters with many years of experience, which allows us to prepare parts so that they can be installed on the customer's production line immediately after shipment.

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We provide services in the field of assembly of manufactured parts from minor finishing and preparatory works to the execution of a fully ready assembly (assembly order?). The assembly also includes activities such as: gluing fixing elements, cutting holes and other shapes, joining several elements, etc.

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CNC Machining

We currently have three five-axis CNC machine tools, thanks to which we provide qualified services in the field of material processing, cutting, drilling, creating models, forms, etc. Additionally, we also perform professional dimensional measurements using a specialized measuring head.

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We offer full advice on the choice of technology, taking into account the expectations as to the properties of the detail and production volume. We comprehensively develop and make product structures based on the customer's assumptions. We design and make both models and production forms - from small to large series.


with us

We are a reliable partner for our customers in the supply of plastic parts and assembly units for the most demanding applications, especially in the automotive industry.

We help them meet their development, delivery, quality and safety goals. Together, we have developed a successful long-term presence in the market. Due to the production profile of our main customers, the largest production volume is for bodywork and interior trim.

Our offer includes comprehensive product development based on customer requirements, technical support at the stage of product concept or modification, including process optimization based on the required quality and costs.