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pDCPD-RIM injection – (Reaction Injection Moulding) It is a production process involving the injection of pDCPD resin into closed, usually aluminum molds. 

This technology allows to obtain parts with complex shapes, various wall thicknesses and the possible selection of the type of fasteners or function integration.

This method is suitable for serial production and allows the production of large and very large parts, where individual details can reach up to several hundred kilograms, regardless of their thickness.

Polymers with such high performance are also characterized by a high level of surface quality, maintaining excellent mechanical properties, resistance to weather conditions and the action of aggressive media.

This technology is used primarily in the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, etc.


  • Wide freedom of design and obtaining complex shapes,

  • High chemical resistance,

  • Lightness of parts,

  • The possibility of obtaining parts up to several hundred kilograms with a single injection

  • High stiffness and mechanical resistance,

  • High surface quality.
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