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RTM injection – (resin transfer molding) This technology involves the production of laminates in closed molds. Into the sealed and suitably reinforced mold, previously filled with reinforcing fiber and / or spacer material, a resin is injected under pressure, which takes the shape of the desired product. 

This method is recommended for serial production, reducing the cost of obtaining a unit product. The advantages of RTM technology include high product strength, relatively short forming time, mechanical properties make it possible to reduce the thickness of the walls and obtain a perfectly smooth surface on both sides.

The production of products in RTM technologies allows to significantly reduce the emission of styrene to the environment and thus reduces the nuisance smell accompanying the production of laminates, which is a huge advantage of this method both for employees and the environment. 


  • Environmental protection by reducing styrene emissions

  • Product quality - smooth surface on both sides

  • High dimensional accuracy - high repeatability of products

  • The possibility of using sandwich materials

  • Better control of the manufacturing process

  • Lower manufacturing costs (for serial production)