reliable partner

We are a reliable partner for our customers in the supply of plastic parts and assembly units for the most demanding applications, especially in the automotive industry.

We help them meet their development, delivery, quality and safety goals. Together, we have developed a successful long-term presence in the market.
Due to the production profile of our main customers, the largest production volume is for bodywork and interior trim.

Our offer includes comprehensive product development based on customer requirements, technical support at the stage of product concept or modification, including process optimization based on the required quality and costs.



Depending on the needs, we can offer the appropriate technology for the appropriate usage: from small series - GFK manual laminating or RTM to large series DCPD or SMC.

We support the design and create models and tools for unit and serial production, creating a product based on the given 3D data and / or preparing our own CAD / CAM.

We use high-quality materials from leading suppliers, both resins and all kinds of reinforcements (mats, fibers, fabrics, rovings), glass, carbon and Kevlar.

We operate on the global market as a supplier of solutions and systems. We value the commitment and loyalty of our employees and we invest in their development, while ensuring a safe work environment.